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SEX: Spring brings out the sexy

Emily Rask, Associate Sports Editor
Breanna Craine, The Clackamas Print

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Volume 45, Issue 20
Arts & Culture

Spring is a time where warm weather helps strip the clothing off of people everywhere. Therefore, less clothing means more sexual tension. Seasons may have something to do with how much sex people are having, but the main fact is that it happens all the time, no matter the season.

Well we're not here to write about some lousy shushed version of sex, or to be discrete about the male and female bodies, we're here to get straight to the point. We're sex columnists and are hoping to impart some knowledge and information to people who have, for lack of a better phrase, been left in the dark.

Even for those who know a lot about the sexual organs, we may be able to clear some things up for you or even share things with you that you would have never thought could be true. So, now like we said, let's get straight to the point.

Both genders of the human species have a few things in common, they share many of the same organs, but the one thing they do not share are reproductive organs. Sex education varies from school to school up until college, well we believe that everyone should know the facts. Most females don't even know the first thing about a males doinker because most are too shy to learn or talk about it. When on the other hand, most guys couldn't be more excited to talk or share stories about the adventures of a female's hoo ha.

For whom it may concern, the word penis is taken from a Latin word that means tail. Although, before the English language adopted the word penis, it was referred to as "yard."

Men worry a lot about the size of their "package," specifically the length, when during intercourse it is actually preferred by us to be larger circumference-wise compared to lengthwise. In reality most men still fuss about their length when they should be worried about the circumference.

Not only are men worried about their size, women are also discouraged by the size of the dingaling. When a girl gets into bed with a guy and things start to get hot and heavy they usually lead to one thing in the end, sex. Although, if a guy is truly small in his pants it is not easy for a girl to continue doing the deed, she'll usually immediately come up with a few excuses of why it just won't work out that night ... or any night. "I have a test, uh now," "I forgot my cat ... in the dryer," or "I forgot to shave my feet!" these are excuses that many women have come up with to get away from the little pencil stub.

Girls, don't be alarmed if you see a small penis, you don't know until you try, right? In reality the length doesn't matter, the girth is what you're focused on. If there is a size issue, take a gander at the girth, but if that is nonexistent as well, run.

The word vagina comes from the Latin word meaning scabbard or sword-sheath. It is the female organ used for sexual intercourse and child birth. The vagina has an average depth of three to four inches, but when sexually aroused it expands to up to 200 percent. Even hiding things up there can be easy, for instance a woman walked into the doctors office one day complaining of pelvic pains. The doctor then examined her pelvis and found a set of car keys, the woman simply explained that she did not want her husband to drive so she put them somewhere he supposedly "never goes."

The human body can be one of the most interesting and weirdest things in all existence, but most of the bizarre aspects of it come from the vaginas and penis. Although they're meant to keep private, sharing stories and learning more about them is not always a bad thing, it just helps make people aware and knowledgeable about them.

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