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New twist on timeless tale *WEB EXCLUSIVE*

Breanna Craine, The Clackamas Print
Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Volume 45, Issue 24
Arts & Culture

We are all used to watching the Disney movie version of “Snow White” since we were little, but now it is time to experience Snow White in a whole different way. “Snow White and the Huntsman” is action packed and filled with suspense, much more intended for teenagers and adults rather than little kids. It’s a popular plot; just a few months ago, another Snow White movie came out, “Mirror, Mirror” which in comparison is kid version of the timeless tale.

“Huntsman” starts out with Snow White as a little kid living in luxury as a princess, but when her father marries Ravenna, things are no longer so luxurious. She is thrown into a tower in the castle while she watches Ravenna rule the kingdom. It is Snow White’s job to take back the kingdom and bring life back to the dying land and she uses the Huntsman as a sidekick to help fight against her evil stepmother.

The character of Snow White is played by “Twilight’s” Kristen Stewart who, in my opinion, does a lot better job acting in this movie than in the famous saga. I was a little nervous at first to see how the movie would turn out since I am not a huge fan of Stewart’s, but she actually did not do all that bad.

Charlize Theron plays Ravenna, the evil stepmother and did a fabulous job at it. She was very convincing and she kept the suspense going with her many magical powers that helped her take over the kingdom.

The handsome Chris Hemsworth plays the Huntsman. We all know him from the movie Thor that came out last year and while he is a newer actor, he does his job extremely well.  Hemsworth is also in the new Avengers movie.

What I liked most about this movie is that the plot was different to what we were used to. It had familiar parts but they made it an original story and while some retellings have the same exact plot which gets repetitive but in this case, the directors did a good job at making sure this movie was different and still had suspense to it.

This is a great movie to go and see. Eventful and filled with edge of your seat suspense, I would grab your keys and go see the story we all remember from when we were just little kids darkened with a new twist.

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