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Title Created Date Author Hits
Midnight mugging on campus 11/19/14 Written by print 92
Student assaulted on campus 11/12/14 Written by print 143
Voters give CCC $90 million hug 11/05/14 Written by print 201
The Print Votes 10/29/14 Written by print 430
10 things you should know about President Truesdell 04/23/14 Written by Tim Young 702
Clackamas on the ballot Nov. 4 09/26/14 Written by Tim Young 598
Life Flight pilot lands on campus soccer field in response to nearby car accident 05/28/14 Written by Liz Gomes 2366
‘Family Guy’ composer comes home 05/28/14 Written by Chris Morrow 1777
Welding students could follow Portland’s example with ‘Art Racks’ 05/21/14 Written by Tim Young 1897
Small program expands to hands-on internship 05/21/14 Written by Liz Gomes 1601
Anti-abortion demonstration causes controversey 05/21/14 Written by Amber Fairbanks 2154
2014-15 ASG election results are in 05/21/14 Written by Patty Salazar 1723
The Clackamas Print wins six awards 05/14/14 Written by The Clackamas Print 1407
Students attempt to overcome transportation hurdles 05/14/14 Written by Patty Salazar 1384
Election breakdown 05/14/14 Written by Tim Young 1327
404 - MyClackamas website goes down right before the week of midterms. 05/07/14 Written by Liz Gomes 1475
CCC tuition compares favorably 05/07/14 Written by Tim Young 628
Do you know what your college colors are? 05/07/14 Written by Erin Carey 438
Your Candidates for ASG 05/07/14 Written by Erin Carey 693
Candidates seeking votes 04/30/14 Written by Patty Salazar 413
Candidates seeking votes 04/30/14 Written by print 424
Rules of the road 04/30/14 Written by Liz Gomes 440
Is your campus bike friendly? 04/30/14 Written by Erin Carey 460
Neighboring colleges set the bar for bike accessibility on campus 04/30/14 Written by Tim Young 685
HOW WOULD YOU SPEND $90 MILLION? 04/23/14 Written by Erin Carey 487
You have a new place to rest on campus 04/23/14 Written by Erin Carey 345
Where does Clackamas rank among top paid employees? 04/16/14 Written by Patty Salazar 706
A hand in the brand, adding flair to a name 04/16/14 Written by Tim Young 582
Class project hits Portland streets 03/12/14 Written by Donny Beach 911
Campus offers safe haven for minority students 03/12/14 Written by Maudeline Agenor 601
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