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A 'True' tribute finds a permanent home on campus

Brian Baldwin, Editor-in-Chief
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You may have noticed the dozens of art sculptures surrounding campus but what you may not know is that one of those is dedicated to former CCC art instructor Rick True. Thomas Wasson, a fellow art instructor led several staff and students to create the red abstract pillars that stand across from the student government office in front of Barlow Hall.

True, who was a sculptor and art instructor at Clackamas, had recently retired. Wasson and others had a desire to place an “aesthetic dedication” in honor of True. Wasson also added an educational component for the students to work around: hiding the word “True” in the pieces.

“The two goals seemed to coalesce around hiding the word ‘True’ within the complex maze-like abstractions in the sculpture. One can only see it if they look at the piece from just the right spot,” stated Wasson in an email.

Wasson also views the concealed word of “True” as a representation of how people experience small insights from everyday life, as well as how True had moved the people around him at the college.

“True’s influence will remain with the college, even though he has departed, but that influence may not necessarily be seen on the surface,” stated Wasson.

Wasson also wanted to dedicate the work students and staff put in to help complete the sculpture. Students include Chuck Pierce, Jim McCullough, Kay Sims, and Jacob Scharbrough. Justin Voskil and Sue Caldera are also staff members who helped with the project.

“I guess the whole thing is about perception and the way certain realities are only perceived from certain angles,” stated Wasson.

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